Roscoe as a Home Base

With the Beaverkill and Willowemoc on the doorstep and a number of other Catskill rivers within striking distance, Roscoe makes an ideal base of operations for any visiting fisherman. Drive East for less than an hour and you can be at the Neversink River, or head West for some excellent tailwater fishing on either the East or West Branch of the Delaware River…

The West Branch of the Delaware is considered by many to be one of the premier rivers in the East, is often compared to rivers found in the western United States, and can be reached from Roscoe in under an hour. Flowing out of Cannonsville Reservoir, the West Branch has consistently cool temperatures even during the hottest summer months and can be fished effectively either by wading or from a drift boat. Fish between 16 and 20 inches are fairly common on this river, and much larger fish present as well. The summer sulphur hatch on the West Branch is one of the most consistent and reliable hatches you can find, and watching large fish rise to take these tiny insects is truly exciting.

The East Branch of the Delaware is also home to some truly large trout, but it is often overshadowed by the West Branch because of less public access and the fact that it can only be floated at certain times of the years. Hatches can be intense on this river but the slow, flat stretches give the fish more time to inspect your fly so light tippets and delicate presentations can be important. If you are in the area in early June when the Green Drakes typically hatch, the East Branch may be your best bet for fishing an impressive evening spinner fall.

With these rivers all within easy striking distance of Roscoe you are likely to be able to find good fishing at any time of year and under any condition. The freestone Willowemoc and Beaverkill Rivers often drop and clear quickly after a rainstorm, and the tailwater branches of the Delaware can offer great summer fishing even during the hottest weather that make other rivers too warm and stressful for trout.